Friday, 30 June, 2017

Dragon Rider is getting a sequel


Chicken House Books proudly announces the publication of the sequel to Cornelia's fantasy novel "Dragon Rider".

"The Griffin's Feather" will bring back Firedrake and Ben and all the others you have grown fond of again.

And ... hang on to your hats, they have even started telling Cornelia part three of their adventure

We will keep you posted...


charles on 21 July, 2021

HI I wanted to say that I have super enjoyed reading the dragon rider books and am so excited to read the next . I was wonder though if you would write any more stories on other types magical creatures as I find so many show the darker side of them and it would be nice to show there kinder side. thanks=-]

Hi Charles, there are many magical creatures in Cornelia's stories that show their kind side But I'm quite sure Cornelia will not stop telling about magical creatures. Best from Germany! Insa and Guesty

Lunabelle Ophelia Dean age 9 on 8 July, 2021

When is the third Dragon rider coming out??

Brookie on 7 June, 2021

Dragon Rider was the first book I ever got really into and that turned me into the bookworm I am today. You are my favorite author and I cant wait for the third to come out! Keep us posted please! Im currently re reading Dragon Rider again for the 100th time!

Gabe on 9 February, 2021

The dragon rider series is one of my favorites. I love any fantasy book, but this one is my favorite. I hope that the third book comes out quickly. I have read both twice and no matter it doesn't get old. In fact it gets better. Pls post a eta. I rlly love your series.

Charlee Schroeder on 1 February, 2021

Cornelia Funke, I can't wait until you get the 3rd book out I just finished the second one and I wanna know what happens next.How far do you think you are?

Kiko on 31 January, 2021


Jennifer and Jeremy on 15 January, 2021

Hello Ms. Funke. We are anxiously awaiting Dragonrider #3. Any ETA?

Not yet, Jennifer and Jeremy, but we'll keep you posted

Liam on 10 December, 2020

me and my brother are big fans and my mom reads to us almost every night! we are so proud to read your books!

Natalie on 23 November, 2020

I've been a fan for 2 years now and I will be always

NA on 14 November, 2020

Hi Mrs. Funke! I'm a big fan, I've read you're other series like Inkheart and I can't wait until book 3 of Dragon Rider is out!

Christy Aufderhar on 28 October, 2020

My 3rd grade daughter discovered Dragon Rider and she read it in less than a week while still in school full time. She loves to read and now she has me searching for book #2 for her. I hope #3 will be out soon for her as well!

Dear christy, thank you so much for your message The English edition of Dragon Rider is about to be published next year. We will keep you posted here on Cornelia's website.

Sarah Kelly on 23 October, 2020

I just recently started reading your books. I absolutely love them purely for the relationship between twigleg and ben. He is the cutest fictional character ever! I love when he’s worried about his master. Hope to see more of this in book 3!

Donia fairy fox on 26 September, 2020

Hello Cornelia, I am a big fan of your dragon rider series!

Katja on 7 September, 2020

We have read book 1 and 2 in the Dragon Rider series. My daughter loved them, I hope she will not grow too old for them before there is a Book 3... We keep coming back to check.. is there a release date?

Not yet, Katja, but we'll keep you posted in our Barn Times

Bill Cypher on 20 August, 2020

i really want a third and a fourth im still on the 1st lol can u make a third and fourth

Hi Bill, Cornelia is already working on book 3

Julian Liu on 12 August, 2020

Make more than 3!!!

Julian Liu on 12 August, 2020

I absolutely love Dragon Rider!!!! If I have to say, I will admit that it is better than even Harry Potter!! I can’t wait for novel 3 to come out !!!!!

Lunabelle Dean on 10 August, 2020

I am 8 years old. I love Dragon Rider. When is the third book coming out? I just reread Igraine the Brave with my Grandmother. She loved it!

Hi Lunabelle, Cornelia is busy working on book 3, but it is too early to guess when the book will be published. We'll keep you posted in our Barn Times.

Ailsa Wu on 21 July, 2020

I seriously can't wait the third book of Dragon rider!The book always makes me forget my problems. It is one of my favourite series and I am already getting a bit impatient. I really want to say 'thank you' to Cornelia for writing these brilliant books for children.

Amelia Mathes on 28 June, 2020

We can’t wait to get the third book! I have loved the series so far and I am so excited to hear what happens next! I really want to learn about the Pegasus and Firedrakes and Maia’s kids.

Arttops on 12 June, 2020

I found this book when I was in year 7 and I have loved the series and so many books like it! Thank you for opening my eyes to books like this and inspiring me in things like D&D and other games like it! Just, thank you!

BookHugger:) on 26 March, 2020

Oh my goodness, I cannot wait for the third book! Thank you so much for continuing one of my favorite stories in existence. I was in 2nd grade when I first read Dragon Rider, and it immediately became my favorite books. Years later, when I found the sequel, I was enchanted again by incredible story and characters (go Twigleg! Best character in all of literature, at least, according to me ). Thank you again for your wondorous stories that have lifted my spirits and encourgaed me to write for years!!!

Daemon on 12 February, 2020

Will book 3 be in public library's? Btw I LOVE the Dragon Rider series. It's one of my fav books and I am a book worm!!!!!!!!!!

Cornelia is still working on Book 3, Daemon, but when it is published it is quite probable, that it will be available in public libraries.

Megan on 24 January, 2020

When are you going to release dragon rider book 3? I love Firedrake!

We will keep you posted, and you will find the news here on Cornelia's website as soon as there is an official release date.

Arjun Ohri on 27 December, 2019

I love your books and can't wait till book three!

Shadow on 5 December, 2019

OMG, I love this series and cant wait for book 3. I will be watching for the release date of it. Tell Cornelia that she is doing a great job and we love the series.

Gretchen and Abigail 8yrs old on 1 July, 2019

We just finished your 2nd book in this series and are excited for #3. Any updates on the timeframe on the release of the next book? Soon?

Not yet, Gretchen and Abigail, but we'll keep you posted here on Cornelia's website. Promise

Jazz on 5 April, 2019

Just how many books are you planning to put in the Dragon Rider Series? I absolutely love these books and would love to see more! I’ve just re-read the first two and now I’m eagerly waiting for the third book to be finished! Keep up the amazing work Cornelia Funke!!!

Hi Jazz, Cornelia does not know yet, if there will be more than three Dragon Rider books. We'll wait and see...

Hayden on 3 March, 2019

Back when I was a kid, I turned in my (random currency from library at school) to buy the first in this series. Today, MANY, years later i've found out that there is a 2nd and sometime soon a 3rd. Obviously I'm going to get the audio book for 1 and 2 so I can catch up again

Sheila Clements on 19 February, 2019

Is The Volcano Mission going to part of the Dragon Rider series or is it altogether a different serie?

No, it IS part of the Dragon Rider series, Sheila.

Sallie Mae on 24 January, 2019

How many books are there exactly? I was looking on the internet and Goodreads said there are four dragon rider books. Others said there two or three. Some even said one.

There are two Dragon Rider books, and Cornelia is currently working on Book 3.

My parents wont let me put my name on social media. on 6 December, 2018

I doubt that you are thinking this far ahead, but do you think you will write a fourth Dragon Rider book Mrs. Funke?

Well, Cornelia is just working on book 3, but she does not know yet, if there will be a fourth book, too.

Leonardo da Vinci on 19 October, 2018

Cornelia Funke, your books are so awesome and I LOVE THEM! I am rereading the first two and I hope there is a third coming out. My best wishes, Leo

Mika on 17 October, 2018

Do you know about how long it will take for the third book. No need to rush I’m just asking because I love both books.

No, Mika, I'm afraid Cornelia can't tell yet.

Vaibhav on 22 August, 2018

Hi, I read the dragon rider book and it was really a great novel. I am just waiting for the second book to arrive too! I really love your writing, thankyou and keep writing more novels!

Allison Madsen on 10 August, 2018

Will there be an audiobook for The Griffin’s Feather?

Hi Allison, have a look at our news

random fan on 20 May, 2018

more please

Suavi ♡ on 7 May, 2018

Hallo, weiß jemand von euch wie man ein Buch zu einem Verlag schicken kann und ob das erst ab 18 erlaubt ist ? Ich freue mich auf jede Art von Antwort (soweit sie richtig ist ????)

Hallo Suavi, es gibt kein Alter, in dem das nicht erlaubt ist. Du kannst jederzeit dein Manuskript zu einem Verlag schicken. Diese Manuskripte nennt man "unaufgefordert eingesandte Manuskripte". Davon hat jeder Lektor riesige Berge, und die werden nur einmal im Monat angelesen. Die meisten Lektoren lesen dann die ersten Seiten, ein paar in der Mitte und ein paar am Ende. Danach wird entschieden. Du brauchst einen Beleg, dass du das eingeschickt hast. Auf keinen Fall solltest du an einen Verlag schicken, der Geld von dir verlangt. Das ist unseriös. Liebe Grüße, Insa

Isaac on 17 April, 2018

My class is reading it. It's the best book so far, can't wait for the next one.

Victor on 24 March, 2018

Is there going to be an official store page for this book (I loved the first book) on your website to directly support you or do we need to go to amazon.com or such? Also I read in a previous comment that it releases in the US in spring this year but do you have an exact release date?

Hi Victor, there will be no webshop on Cornelia's site. As to the Griffin, the book will be published by Scholastic. I think it will come out this summer. Warmest wishes from Germany, Insa (and Guesty)

Hannah on 20 March, 2018

Dragon Rider was the first LONG book I have finished. I loved it. I can't wait to read the second one, but my local library doesn't seem to have it. Thank you for great writing!

Katty on 8 March, 2018

Is there a third Dragon Rider book coming soon?

Not soon, but there will be a third book, yes

Leah on 2 February, 2018

My name is Leah. I'm 12 years old and in the sixth grade I am dyslexic. My favorite book is Dragon Rider by Cornelia Funke. I'm excited that the sequel, The Griffon’s Feather has been released. I was bummed to know that it wasn't recorded in audio version, 1 out of 5 kids is dyslexic. Dyslexic basically means we have a harder time reading than most people and that's why I would really like it if you would record Ms Funke’s new book. I think a lot of other kids would really like it if you could maybe make an audio version. When I listened to the first book the characters started coming alive to me And made me stop thinking how I have a harder time reading than most people. It made me feel normal.

Dear Leah, welcome to Cornelia's Writing House and thank you so much for your beautiful message The audio book is already in planning We will keep you posted. Warmest wishes from Germany, Insa and Guesty

Catherine on 20 September, 2017

Hello I first read Dragon Rider about 8 years ago when I read it again it showed the same images whilst reading , I was over the moon to find part 2 though finished to fast so reading both again, I do hope there will be more than 3 books also hardcovers would be great Ive only Dragon Rider in hard cover.... love the illustrations in the updated books

We hope so, too, Catherine. Welcome to Cornelia's guestbook and thank you so much for your entry Insa and Guesty

Chris on 17 September, 2017

I read books too fast I finished dragon rider and the griffins feather in less than a week and they are sooooo good I can't wait for the third to come out

Daniel on 14 September, 2017

Dear Cornelia I would just like to say thanks for the feeling of thrill and adventure that dragon rider has given me. I just love dragons! And also your a real inspiration to me and I hope you keep making dragon rider books. - Daniel

Thank you so much, Daniel

Johnson Frazer on 13 September, 2017

What will the name of the third book be? - John

Cornelia does not know yet, Johnson.

Ben on 12 September, 2017

Do you know or have a estimate of when the third will be published -Ben

It is faaaaaar too early to know, Ben

Nicole on 12 September, 2017

Hello! I'm super excited for this book but I'm a bit confused on trying to find it. Both amazon.com and amazon.co.uk have A Griffin's Feather listed for pre-order awaiting a July 2018 release date, but have used copies and Kindle editions for sale under a different entry, with the cover shown here. But when I click on the "look inside" feature, it's the text from Dragon Rider. Is the book out in English yet, or is Amazon just getting their entries confused? Thanks!

Hi Nicole, thanks for letting us know. The UK edition of The Griffin's Feather was published in July 2017. The US edition will come out around spring 2018. All the very best from Germany, Insa and Guesty

Bilbo Baggins on 28 August, 2017

No I mean a 4th

Cornelia does not know yet, Bilbo. First she has to write book 3

Bilbo Baggins on 27 August, 2017

Will you make a 4th ?

You mean a third? Yes, there will be another book in the Dragon Rider series.

Daniel on 23 August, 2017

How many dragon rider books will you be making I just can't get enough of it

There will be a third book in the Dragon Rider series, Daniel. We'll keep you posted...

Bob on 8 July, 2017

I can not wait for the new dragon rider book

Winston Setiawan on 5 July, 2017

I'm so excited for this sequel! Would it be published only in America, or worldwide? -Winston

Hi Winston, it will be published in many more languages