Tuesday, 31 August, 2021

Cornelia moves house

Today begins a new chapter in Cornelia's life.
After 16 years living in California, she sets off for Italy where she will live and work and continue her Artist in Residence project. 

I am sure most of you know that for by now 4 years I have lived on the Wild West Coast, or California, as they named it, in a small town called Malibu. I lived through fires and floods on the old Avocado Farm I bought here. It was a good place to be at when Covid changed all our lives and it taught me about donkeys and rattlesnakes, about barn owls and redtail hawks. It made me realize that I would love to invite young artists from all over the world to talk and work with them and to give them a place where they can create. Bonsall, as I call my Farm, has taught me so many things that I will always carry it with me. It gave me great happiness, many new friends, wonderful neighbours and the best avocados I will ever taste. But now I decided to move to another Farm, on a hill in Tuscany, and have olive instead of avocado trees.


The first reason is man made. Our climate is changing because humans forgot how to live in this world with respect for the others who share this world with us. We claim to be more clever than anyone else, but our actions show another truth. We are the only ones who don’t know how to live in this world without destroying it.

There has been no rain for months where I live. The fires are raging almost every day somewhere on this coast by now, even high up North. Dead forests, killed by the drought feed them, but where there are no trees there is no rain. Without plants there is no life on the planet. So….I sold my Farm to an organisation that wants to restore the land and plant healthy food and will hopefully keep the magic of this place alive. And I move to a very old house on a hill near an even older town in Italy, with many olive trees and a creek and a well to continue, what I started here: I will invite artists from all over the world to stay and work in 4 little apartments that once were the pig stables (that’s true!)

I’ll have all my artist friends come to teach music, animation, writing and whatever else we come up with. There will hopefully be rain and no fires, but let’s see! The world is changing everwhere. I look forward to be back in Europe as I miss my friends and family there. And I know all the wonderful friends I found in America will come and visit – and are luckily very exited that I move to Italy.

Well, most of my characters end up in Italy in my books, so it is not that much of a surprise, is it? And my Italian will hopefully soon be as fast as it once was!


Rebecca Somer on 11 September, 2021

How come I don't see your name in the credits in Netflix's new movie Firedrake the Silver Dragon when it was sooooooo based on your book The Dragon Rider?

Hi Rebecca, have a look at Cornelia's Barn Times statement on the movie from Thursday, 8 October, 2020