Tuesday, 18 July, 2017

Cornelia Funke. Zauberwelten

Until 27 August 2017, the Junge Kunsthalle Karlsruhe presented "Cornelia Funke. Zauberwelten",
an exhibition of Cornelia’s illustrated work. In July 2017, Cornelia paid a three days visit to the beautiful German museum.

Photos: Michael Orth

© Michael Orth

Opened in 1846, the Kunsthalle Karlsruhe is among Germany’s oldest museum buildings. It would fit very well into a Mirrorworld streetscape, and a stone griffin watches over the Botanical Garden behind the Art and Exhibition Hall.

Cornelia while signing in the exhibition's dragon chamber (© Michael Orth)While walking through her exhibition, Cornelia was elated.

"The curators developed an exhibition concept to immerse visitors into my world. And what I love most about it is that they have understood. When you invite children to explore a museum, they want to touch things. Adults are often very cautious, whereas children are often the first to touch what they find. That’s what’s so wonderful about this exhibition. Kids are supposed to touch and interact with many of the exhibits."

Zauberwelten shows Cornelia’s illustrations from her Inkworld and Mirrorworld series, from the underwater adventure Lilly and Fin, from Dragon Rider and its sequel The Griffin’s Feather.

A horned dragon, drawn by a visitor (© Michael Orth)There’s a Conservation Station for fabulous creatures and a Mirrorworld Treasury. The museum offers creative workshops and its walls are covered with children’s and parents’ drawings and paintings of dragons and mermaids and other characters from Cornelia’s books.

A treat for the visitors are Cornelia’s notebooks. "I write the first draft of a story by hand. In A4 notebooks. For my book "The Griffin’s Feather" I had one book for notes, thoughts, sketches before I started, and then another 6 for the handwritten first draft and the print out of the second draft. I more and more sketch characters and places while I am writing. It can be so inspiring for the writing (and makes much more beautiful notebooks)."

Sketches for Twigleg's travelling clothes (© Michael Orth) Cornelia loves all those fanciful details and small finds arranged by the curators. Magical items and oddities all around: on the tables, on the shelves, on the floor … not to mention the mirror! That’s what it might have looked like. The mirror in John Reckless’ study.

There’s so much to see. Treasures from Mirrorworld, dragon discoveries, Twigleg’s personal laptop… Besides, the framework programme for the exhibition includes a treasure hunt around the Botanical Garden, a Reckless Reading Night, a one week workshop based around "Cornelia Funke. Zauberwelten". Bring on the summer holidays

Cornelia while talking with students about illustrating (© Michael Orth) In front of her illustrations, sooo happy about the exhibition (© Michael Orth) Talking 'Rembrandt' - Cornelia and one of the curators of her exhibition (© Michael Orth)
The Mirrorworld Treasury (© Michael Orth) Twigleg's laptop (© Michael Orth) A Griffin watching over the Kunsthalle (© Michael Orth)

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