Wednesday, 7 March, 2018

A Parcel from the Jane Goodall Institute Germany

In preparation for our upcoming conservation area on Cornelia's website, we contacted the Jane Goodall Institute Germany, because we would like to introduce Jane's impressive life and work to you. Look what they sent us...

When I was a young girl, Jane Goodall's "In the Shadow of Man" was one of my favourite books, and it still sits on my bookshelf today. When Cornelia told me that animal and environmental protection had been taking up more and more room in her heart and therefore, likewise, should find that space on her website, my eyes fell on Jane's book again.

I sat down and wrote an email to the Jane Goodall Institute Germany and told them about our project. They were very pleased about the idea. One week later, a delivery driver handed me a parcel. Our friend Bos (a cuddly orang-utan mascot of the German wildlife conservation organization BOS, who once came to us by parcel post, too) immediately unpacked it and is desperate to watch the DVD about Jane.

If YOU are involved in any way in the protection of the environment, if you volunteer at an animal shelter or for an animal protection project, please tell us about it: mail@corneliafunke.com

Books, DVD and a chimp memory game. Christmas in March Bos has found his favourite... ... Patrick McDonnell's beautiful picture book Me...Jane
And this is the chimp memo game. 20 faces of chimpanzees, that fell victim to poaching, deforestation, or trafficking and are now living in one of the Jane Goodall Institute sanctuaries This is Kazahukire. Kazahukire means "the lost one", because she was found alone in the woods. Tumbo is a gentle, big male. He is quite playful and highly respected by all the other chimpanzees.
A biography about Jane, written for children by the German author Katrin Hahnemann. Jane's autobiography "Reason For Hope" Bos can't wait to watch the film "Jane's Journey"

We will keep you posted on how the new area of Cornelia's website is coming along.

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