Magical Image Makers

"The most important things can't be expressed by words", Cornelia once said.

There is much which cannot be put into words, BUT into drawings, paintings, animation, or collage. They can turn our thoughts and feelings into images. They often illustrate what is hard to verbalize. That is great art and it enriches every story.

Before Cornelia became an author, she was - and has never stopped being - an illustrator. That is why we have developed a new feature for her website, in which we will introduce illustrators, who inspire us and whose work touches us.

Jo Weaver

Illustrator and picture book maker from Scotland

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Richard Jones

Illustrator from England

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Sonja Wimmer

Illustrator from Munich, Germany

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Jess McGeachin

Author and Illustrator from Melbourne, Australia

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Julia Nüsch

Illustrator from Hamburg, Germany

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Evgenia Malina

Illustrator from Woking, England

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Gediminas Pranckevičius

Illustrator from Vilnius, Lithuania

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Marieke Nelissen

Illustrator from 's-Hertogenbosch, Netherlands

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Javi Gámez

Author and Illustrator from Spain

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Gaëlle Vejlupek

Illustrator from Switzerland

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Issa Watanabe

Illustrator from Perú

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Nancy Vo

Illustrator from Canada

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Kris Di Giaciomo

Franco-American Illustrator

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Chris Naylor-Ballesteros

British illustrator living in France

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Francesca Filomena

Illustrator from Italy

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