... that is how we call our little, chubby colleague and you can call him that, too.

He is here for your questions and comments.

Grace on 20 September, 2018

This is going to be my first chat!-I cant wait!

Sara on 18 September, 2018

What do I have to do to enter the barn chat?

Just click on the phone at chat time (and you will find the guidelines It is very easy.

Grace on 18 September, 2018

I am writing a story, could you please give me some tips? Thanx!

Hi Grace, Cornelia collects ideas about something she is really passionate about. Characters she wants to talk about and that readers would want to read about. Then she collects ideas for places in the book — she looks at photos and books about di...Read more

Sara on 18 September, 2018

Is it like Video Conferencing?

No, Sara, it's a common online chat.

Alexandrina on 18 September, 2018

What's that thing beside the guestbook with rotating handle?

It's an old bench vise, which was part of the original barn.

Christie on 18 September, 2018

Cornelia, what inspired you to start writing?

Hi Christie, Cornelia wrote her first book, because she was an illustrator, but she was awfully bored with the books she had to illustrate — so she decided to write her own story

Sara on 18 September, 2018

What happens in a Barn Chat?

Hi Sara, in the Barn Chat you can chat with other guests of this website. We chat about Cornelia's books, about books in general, about things you are interested in, about all the world and his brother

Arctic Fox on 17 September, 2018

Noooooooooooo!!! This is the seventh chat that I'm going to miss! Insa can you please describe what the Barn Chat is like so I can convince my mum to allow me to wake up at 3 AM? Thanks

Don't worry, Arctic Fox. Please just send me an email and tell me, which chat times would be best for you: mail@corneliafunke.com Warmest wishes from Germany, Insa

Grace on 15 September, 2018

Just finished a new Cornelia Funke book!

Sara on 14 September, 2018

I won! I opened it! I saw the treasure!!

Sara on 14 September, 2018

Oh, where IS the key! I find potatoes, I find rats but I find no keys!

stephanie on 14 September, 2018

love the new barn so much! everything feels so loved and cozy

Ellie on 13 September, 2018

This website is filled with surprises! This barn is really like a secret tunnel with exiting twists and clues to Cornelia's life!

Genny on 12 September, 2018

Today is a sick day and I hate staying home from school. But I'm always happy to retreat back into the Inkworld on days I don't feel well.

Awwww, what a beautiful compliment, Genny. Get well soon

Jennifer on 12 September, 2018

Cornelia, please start a blog about writing advices! I just love your writing style!

Hi Jennifer, here are some advices: Cornelia collects ideas about something she is really passionate about. Characters she wants to talk about and that readers would want to read about. Then she collects ideas for places in the book — she looks at...Read more

Arctic Fox on 12 September, 2018

Hello! I love the new barn! The Mirrrorworld key is way harder to find now and it took me a LOOOONNNNGGGG time! From 'That's Cornelia' it said that her favourite animal is every kind of animals but what is her ACTUAL favourite? Is it a fox? (Since she is Celeste) Also, does the 'Glass of Lead and Gold' have a 'Thieflord' sensation? From the blurb, it really seemed like Thieflord. Thank you PS: Where did Cornelia get the notebooks that she used for her stories from? PSS: Where and when did she learn to droaw so beautifully?!!

As to her favourite animal, actually, it’s always "dog". And Cornelia has a very special weakness for frogs As to the Glass of Lead and Gold, it is a Mirrorworld story set in London, but as the same writer wrote it, maybe you get the Thief Lord feeling

Emma on 11 September, 2018

Which character does resemble Cornelia in her stories? And Insa, who do you think is the most like you?

Cornelia IS Fox, Emma As for me, I have no idea. Maybe Emma from "Saving Mississippi", to some extent at least.

Charlotte on 10 September, 2018

Why is there a squeaky crank thing?

That's an old bench vise, Charlotte, which is part of the old workbench in Cornelia's restored barn.

Charlotte on 10 September, 2018

I keep finding hidden objects, like gumdrops. What are they for?

They tell anecdotes about Cornelia

Grace on 10 September, 2018

How do you get emojis on your message???

Just drag and drop them into your message, Grace.

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