... that is how we call our little, chubby colleague and you can call him that, too.

He is here for your questions and comments.

Christie on 13 November, 2018

Where are Anna and Ben? Are they alright?

Yes, they are, Christie. Anna lives in South Carolina. Ben is in Venice Beach (LA), where Cornelia is currently staying, too.

Larch on 12 November, 2018

Is it true that it’s possible you might be adding a book to the Inkheart trilogy? I’ve heard rumors...

Yes, Larch, Cornelia is working on Book 4...

O. E. A.k.a Larch on 12 November, 2018

Do you think, sometime I could show you the finished manuscript for my book? I’d love to hear what you’d think! I would like to send it through email though, because it’s a years worth of work. Sorry to hear about your home and best wishes!

We're sorry, but Cornelia does not review texts sent to us. She would not presume to do that. Besides we get far too many requests like this. That's simply not feasible. We hope for your understanding!

Melissa on 12 November, 2018

Is Cornelia fine? Hope nothing happens to her...

She is fine, Melissa. She left a message in our news...

Grace on 12 November, 2018

Oh goodness! How did this fire start? how are the animals? has the barn burnt down?

Cornelia tells more about it in her message that it posted in our news.

Christie on 12 November, 2018

Insa, how is Cornelia? Where is she living for the time-being? Is she hurt?

Dear Christie, Cornelia is fine. Have a look at our news....

O.E on 11 November, 2018

Hi! I’m an aspiring author, I was wondering do you know whether Breathing Books takes submittions? I’d also love to have a short, private chat with you sometime!

Not yet, we're afraid.

Finder on 11 November, 2018

Thank you all for a very interesting Barn Chat!

Melissa on 11 November, 2018

Insa, do you like Cornelia and Guesty?

Of course I do!

Grace on 11 November, 2018

When are we going to have a new quiz?

Exercise a little patience, Grace...

Grace on 11 November, 2018

I have curled my hair ready for the barn chat!!!

Grace on 11 November, 2018

I want to read dragon rider ALL OVER AGAIN!

Grace on 11 November, 2018

Today is barn chat day and remembrance day AND remembrance Sunday. I hope we all remember all of those who died in the war.

Gingers Nanna on 11 November, 2018

Thank you Cornelia for writing such inspiring books that my granddaughter loves. She wants to read them all!

Ginger on 11 November, 2018

How would Cornelia describe Inkheart? (I'm doing a book report on it)

Hi Ginger, Inkheart is all about books and the countless voices whispering from their pages. It is a story about HER own deepest passions – for books and for reading stories aloud.

Grace on 10 November, 2018

I LOVE Dragon Rider! What is book 2 called?

Grace on 10 November, 2018

15/15 Yay! this quiz is awesome!

Grace on 10 November, 2018

In an extract of reckless it says: ?oorway (???)

Well, typos creep in everywhere

Luiz on 10 November, 2018


Not yet, Luiz.

Grace on 9 November, 2018


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