Anna Lindhaus

Underneath your cherry tree

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I’m 12 years old and this is a poem I wrote for my dog which passed away.

You’re the one that we could trust 

the place that we could go

in winter you were the summer sun

in summer you were the snow.


You’ll never be forgotten we’ll think of you every day,
though you have gone forever,
in our hearts you’ll stay.


You are what I most dearly miss

If I could see you know I would tell you this:
I hope you found peace underneath your cherry tree.


AJ on 10 September, 2021

Wow. So beautiful and so sad. A really good poem. I'm so sorry your dog passed away.

Arya on 26 April, 2021

This is really beautiful. You are amazing and your dog must be watching you at the moment. He/She would be really glad to have an amazing owner like you!

Nicola on 5 March, 2021

It is such a great poem and Sam will always have a place in my heart

The Curious Bookworm on 14 January, 2021

This is beutifully written and perfect. I am 11 and I don't think I could write something as good as that. Thank you for sharing it.

Dorothea A. on 10 January, 2021

Ich liebe es!!!!! Es ist wunderschön und so herzzerreissend, aber zugleich auch beruhigend. Ich würde es 100 Mal und mehr kaufen! Und ich finde es sehr gut geschrieben! Für 12 bist du wirklich sehr gut! Ich glaube, man kann noch Großes von dir erwarten!

Llilyana on 8 January, 2021

I love it! My aunt's dog passed away too, and this relates to that beautifully.

Oola on 1 July, 2020

Wow, I know exactly what you mean. 2 years ago our dog, Gus, passed away, and he's still in our hearts. What a moving poem!

Reihaneh on 23 May, 2020

I like it and it is a good and sad poem

Katherine Liu on 12 February, 2020

This is such a sweet poem! I absolutely adored it

Sophia on 11 February, 2020

Oh, this was an AMAZING poem! It's sad and so cool! Keep it up!