Jennifer Nguyen

The Woods of Sessilik

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Chapter 1: Taken by surprise

This is a story I wrote for my English assignment and for my own amusement, hope you readers enjoy it.

There was simply nothing better’, thought Teresa sardonically, ‘than an enormous native animal of Alaska, kidnapping my parents in the middle of dinner’. She glanced around at the ruined kitchen and sighed deeply. Her family was having dinner in silence just minutes before, when a grizzly bear the size of a young elephant crashed through the back door, stood on its hind legs and snatched up her parents by the waists. Teresa was too stunned too comprehend the matter, and while her brain sluggishly tried to wrap itself around the concept that bears can stand on their hind legs, another nasty surprise came rolling in.

‘‘If you two midgets want to see your parents again, meet the enchanted fox at the rear of the woods. He’ll tell you what to do,’’ the bear growled throatily. Teresa’s eyes might as well fell out of their sockets, because one thing was obvious, bears do not talk. Her parents were thrashing against the beast like fish out of water, but struggling wasn’t going to help them get away from the sharp claws and firm grip of the creature unless they were smeared with oil, but that was not the case then. The bear ran out the way it came in, and vanished within five minutes. Teresa was even more jarred than ever, and she plopped down on one of the unharmed chair that wasn’t destroyed when the bear trampled in through the back door.

‘‘Sorry to be blunt, but did that bear talk?’’ Her brother, young Jayden, asked in an air of nonchalant. The boy was immuned to everything that just happened, and sipped on his tea absent-mindedly.

Teresa rolled her eyes dramatically, ‘‘No Jayden, it just opened its mouth and sound came vibrating into our ears through air. OBVIOUSLY it talked, you blithering idiot! What else did it do?!’’

‘‘Calm down. I know it talked. What was it saying about a fox?” Jayden retorted and mumbled to himself. Teresa tried hard not to roll her eyes a second time and glared at her younger brother across the table.


???????????????????At the start of the third school holiday, Jayden and Teresa’s parents decided that they were going to have a visit to America. Being born and raised in Australia, this was the opportunity of a lifetime. Their father had already booked the flight and planned out where they would go, so it wasn’t much fuss packing and driving to the airport the next day.

On the plane, it was amazingly quiet. Jayden had been reading, as always, Teresa had been scheming some evil plans in her head, it showed right on her face. Their parents had been asleep when Jayden ‘accidentally’ dropped a book on Teresa’s head and when he tried to defend himself, the accusation turned into a quarrel. Passengers nearby tried in vain to stop the argument, but the siblings carried on endlessly, until their mother was jerked awake from her sleep and shushed them.


Arya on 25 May, 2021


Reihaneh on 23 May, 2020

I like it

Olivia on 17 February, 2017

Interesting Would like to see more P.S. Always deep respect for a person who knows the word nonchalant

Bonisha on 28 April, 2014

Love this story!! How long did it take u to write it???? lol!!!!

CoolCat #2 on 27 April, 2014

entreating and mystical