Alise Andrews

The Land of Vitrea

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There was a door at the end of the tunnel. She was so close.
2 yards, 1 yard. Suddenly, the scene changed. There was a village, and it looked like it had been raided. Burning houses, people running everywhere with their children and belongings...

“Hazel! Hazel, wake up!”
I bolted upright.
“Ow!” I exclaimed as we bumped our heads.
“Hazel, get up! You’re gonna be late for school!”
It was Mom. She was already dressed in a sky blue shirt and jeans. She walked over to my little sister Kate’s bed and woke her up.
I sat and thought about that dream I had, wondering.
What a weird dream. Never had one like it.

After I got dressed, I packed my things and walked to my bus stop. Right in time. I got on the bus, and in 5 minutes, we were at the school.                                                             
I walked off the bus, still thinking about that dream.
All of a sudden, I heard strange but beautiful music. I drew closer and closer to it, not realizing until, BAM! I felt a hard, sharp sensation in my head. Then, everything went black...

When I came to, I was in the same village I dreamed of.
But this time, there was a sign. It said in big, red letters:



Reihaneh on 2 June, 2020

Nice, but you don't want to keep it?

Katherine Liu on 25 September, 2016

The start of the story is very interesting. But can you make it more detailed? And will you continue the story?

Didi on 24 February, 2015

Oh yes, PLZ write more it would be cool

Ophelia on 3 September, 2013

are you going to write anymore?