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I am Melody.

I prefer books to people. Books don't keep secrets, only surprise birthday party secrets. And those are the nice ones, unlike the double - agent secret my ex- best friend had. I don't need friends.

I am fine on my own, just hiding in my book den, reading. The book den is like magic to me, behind my bed, decorated with paper chains and fairy lights. A blanket for the roof and lots of pillows to block the door. And of course, books. I feel safe there.

I was once a social butterfly, I had lots of friends. Until Milly betrayed me in our drawing club. She had pretended to be my friend. For all those years. Drawing made me think of her so I decided to read instead.

But every time she looks at me I want to cry. But I am strong and I don't need her... or the ghostly memories of the past...


Mathilda on 3 March, 2021

WOAH! Could we be the same person in some kind parallel universe?! The same thing happened to me... Grace, I agree with you - it's weird, VERY weird. Matti

Reihaneh on 19 May, 2020


Grace on 11 February, 2019

That IS weird! Melody was based on ME when I was in year 2!!!

Corinne on 11 February, 2019

O my gosh, so good! Also melody sound like me too

Lunalia on 10 February, 2019

This is an amazing story (Melody kinda sounds like me)