A Perfect Christmas

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Chapter 1

My name's Thalia Issaquah Grace. I'm 19 years old. I come from New York. I was born in July, on the 14th. Now, this diary, the story you're reading, is my story, the story of how my Perfect Christmas was almost ruined. Let's start...



"We're going to New York, we're going to New York!" yelled Stacie and Chelsea, my twin sisters. "Chelsea! Stop copying me!" she suddenly shouted. I turned round. Chelsea was folding her arms along with Stacie. I smiled and sighed. "Chelsea, stop copying your sister. It's annoying her, can't you see?" Chelsea pursed her lips. "No I didn't. I was doing my own thing. I didn't know she was doing it." I sighed again. "Never mind. Stacie, just ignore her. "Yes, Thalia." she sighed. "Good girl."

Chelsea and Stacie were both 14. Always arguing. I had another sister, Skipper, who was 16. We were all excited. Aunt Melissa from France was meeting us in New York, and we were also going to a special Sea Lion feeding show in New York. That's what Chelsea's looking forward to. Stacie's looking forward to doing an Ice Skating show in an Ice Skating rink. "Best skater in the class." the instructor said when she taught Stacie to skate last time in New York. "We're doing a show at Christmas, so come down then to watch. Bring Skater Stacie with you, remember! She's a star!" We had all said yes.


Now, with today us going to New York to do everything, it felt odd. I felt like something was wrong. Come on, I thought. You thought that when you were about to do your GCSE's. You thought that when you were about to do your SATs, too! You thought you'd upset dad. Think positive, Thalia. Positive positive positive.


"Umm, hello? Hurry up with packing, Thals. We phoned the taxi." said Skipper, waving a hand in front of my face. Oh blimey, I thought glumly. "Yeah, I'll pack." Christmas, I thought. In two days we'll be in New York with Christmas at our tails. You CAN'T be sad at Christmas. I got my suitcase and put it down on the bed. I picked up my special music box and stroked it lovingly. I think I should explain.


My mom... my mom died in a car crash when I was small. It was a christening present from when I was little. And, I honestly didn't know about it until I was 11. And that I even HAD a mom! Dad always got upset when he talked about her now... It unnerved me an awful lot too!


Anyway, we  finished packing and heard a horn beep. We picked up our stuff from the sofa and I was about to go out the door to follow them, when I remembered something. The stockings! "Oh, the stockings!" I took them off the fireplace and then ran outside again, getting into the taxi. We were on our way to a Perfect Christmas! 



Patrick Knaus on 9 March, 2021

Out of a scale from 0 to 10, I'd rate this a 9, because I like the story, but I want it stretched.

Viktoria on 26 January, 2021

I LOVE it!!! Maybe you could make a second part?

The Curious Bookworm on 12 July, 2020

I loved it but maybe it could be a bit longer as that would make it really nice.

Emily on 31 May, 2020

What a wonderful story, it has so much imagination and yet it seems like it really has happened. So, so good!

Reihaneh on 30 May, 2020

I'm 11

Reihaneh on 30 May, 2020

I like it

Jae on 14 April, 2020

I like it. You have a lot of imagination

Grace on 4 November, 2018

Ok. I love it but it is a bit too short. Maybe longer next time!

Grace on 4 November, 2018

I'm 9.

Grace on 4 November, 2018


j on 16 January, 2017

Meghan N. on 14 January, 2017


Livi on 3 June, 2016

I'm sorry, did I just say I was twelve? If I did, I'm actually, well, um, nine.

Livi on 3 June, 2016

Wow.......I do have one question, though. I think the christening gift was you mum, uh.... dying, but I've decided to ask you, just to be sure. Your admirer, Livi Shira Kaylan, age 12

Kitty Leung on 6 April, 2016

Oh, now I get it- the music box!!!

Kitty Leung on 6 April, 2016

Nice story! But, um, what was a christening gift? The car? The mom? The mom dying? Anyway, I loooove it!

irandokht on 14 March, 2016

your stories are very cool

Suyeon on 12 January, 2015

I like your story a lot. good word choice used.

Charlotte Borah on 5 December, 2014

This is an awesome story!!!

Tanya Robinson on 24 September, 2014


Miranda on 16 April, 2014

cool story, girl

Isobel C. on 15 December, 2013

Dear Thalia, Firstly, do you know that you were luckly enough to be given one of the main characters names in Rick Riordan's mythological-fiction series starring Percy Jackson himself? If 'Thalia Grace' is your real name. Or, perhaps if it's a pseudonym then you chose it because you loved the books! I liked your story although it was a little on the short side for me. Perhaps if you were to re-draft it then you could elongate the part about your mother and also add in a few adjectives or extra words? -Isobel C.

Alicia on 23 October, 2013