That's Cornelia

Name Cornelia Funke

Birthday December 10th, 1958

Zodiac Sign Sagittarius

Hair Colour Blonde

Eye Colour Blue

Height 5' 10"

My Motto First one: Go on, you can do it, Cornelia! Besides: Try to make the world a little better, and ... cultivate compassion, courage, and gratitude.

My Hobbies "Eating books" , drawing and painting, knitting, travelling...

Favourite Colour Red and cyan

Favourite Drink One espresso in the morning, one about noon, one in the afternoon. In New Zealand and Australia they call it Short Black. I love that I like black tea with lemon, orange juice, and Arnold Palmer (iced tea and lemonade).

Favourite Animal Frogs, lemurs, all different kinds of birds, dogs, horses, bats, squirrels, turtles ... in short, anything that walks, swims, crawls, or flies ...

Favourite Plant Oh there are many! There is a German flower called Akelei, I don't know the English name, then there is a Chinese bush my humming birds love to feed on, the lilies in my ponds, the old roses, full of scents and blossom leaves, but also humble plants like Thyme, Camomile, Mint ... I am quite sure I was a witch in a former life so I cannot live without plants and of course I talk to them

Favourite Writing Utensil My MontBlanc Rollerball pen

Favourite Ink Colour Black or green, but sometimes red is nice, too. I am not a 'blue' person.

Favourite Font'Times New Roman' - and for headings 'Edwardian'.

Favourite Time of the Day Early morning and dawn.

Favourite Book "The Once and Future King" by T. H. White.

Favourite Poem "Listen to the mustn'ts" by Shel Silverstein (but there are sooo many more I love).

Favourite Food Potatoes, potatoes, potatoes

Favourite Garment Black jeans and black t-shirt

Favourite Island Orcas Island

Favourite Musical Instrument Oboe

Things I keep putting off All work that is not creative.

If I were an animal, I would be ... ... hopefully a bird.

If you had to choose your animal totem ... Oh, I think you do not choose your animal totem as your personal spirit guide, but it chooses you! But I really appreciate hummingbirds.

That disgusts me Oysters and mussels (as food)

I don't particularly like Shopping. It is sooo boring

That's worth a sin Cookie dough ice cream

My "dark" secret Impatience with everything I do not enjoy, too much espresso and ice cream, I cannot cook (not at all!), and I am a disaster, when it comes to sports.

My biggest fear I was VERY afraid of spiders until the age of twenty, when I became the owner of a chicken stable. It was so infested with spiders of all kinds that I either had to forget about my fear or have my chicken starve. The fear disappeared like early morning mist and now I can even deal with the Black Widows in my garden . There is no better feeling than meeting a fear and walking right through it. I am still afraid of deep water though as I am a very bad swimmer Otherwise I am quite fearless.

Three things for a desert island Three friends

What I detest Pitilessness. And people who measure success only in terms of money and power.

My most precious memory The birth of my two children. But in the past years so many precious memories have piled in my heart, that for the rest I can't choose one. They are all about meeting people, finding new friends, working together – my memories of the past years are like a box of treasures, and I am sure, there will be a time, when I will like to open it and look at them still shining.

My biggest hero I don't have one. The biggest heroes, in my view, are not famous. My favorite literary hero is Inigo Montoya from William Goldman's book "The Princess Bride".

My source of strengthThe world with all its visible and invisible wonders, good friends, anything that creeps and flies and swims and grows, and some very good-natured gods or/and angels who will stand by you, when nothing else could help.

When I want to relax ... ... I knit while watching my favorite TV series, or I paint while listening to music, or I go out with friends.

If I could own a magical object from Mirrorworld, ... I would wish for Fox's fur dress, or even better, for a comb that can turn me into a bird.

If I wasn't a writer, I would be ... ... protecting the environment and I would wish to be Sir David Attenborough!

If I had a time machine ... ... I'd go to Elizabethan England and see Shakespeare himself performing on stage, meet Heinrich Heine, Mozart and Henry Purcell, watch Rodin at work, visit the Acropolis, when it was still highly coloured, travel to a time in the future when it is possible to visit other planets.

If I could read any character out of my books ... ... I would read out Jacob from MirrorWorld and Twigleg from Dragonrider (and the dragon of course!).

If I could read myself into one of my books ... ... I would read myself into MirrorWorld and be a shapeshifter like Fox.

I love being an author, because ... ... I can be a million different creatures and at a million different places with my stories - and that I come to countries for the very first time to find my stories have been living there for years in thousands of heads and hearts ...that is the ultimate magic.

I wish you ... Live your life each day anew. Never forget that it is the performance, not only the rehearsal.