Tuesday, 9 August, 2016

 Cornelia's MirrorWorld App

On 17 April 2013, Cornelia published her very first app. Especially for MirrorWorld she wrote 16 new stories from the world behind the mirror, which reveal quite a few things that Reckless and Fearless kept quiet about.

© Mirada


Together with Mirada Studios, Cornelia has developed the MirrorWorld app for you. With MirrorWorld you can experience Cornelia’s stories in new ways.

For MirrorWorld, Mirada found an old, German tavern in LA and turned it into Chanute's Ogre (© Mirada)Touch, to find, to see, to be, your reflection’s destiny“.
This is what you find written on the mirror that the app holds up to you right at the start. Touch it and find out where your reflection and thoughts will lead you. It will guide you further and deeper into MirrorWorld. Whether you are a Reckless expert or an absolute beginner, the app will take you directly to the characters and places which took shape in Cornelia’s mind while writing her stories. You do not necessarily have to know her books Reckless and Fearless to use the app, though it might make it easier to get carried away - by images, sounds, texts - to secrets that even Cornelia didn’t know before she wrote those 16 new stories.

© Mirada

How does it look like in Chanute’s Ogre tavern? How can we imagine such an ogre? Or are there even different types? What had happened that an honest and valiant tailor turned into a creature which now spreads fear and terror in the Hungry Forest? And how does he look like, that tailor that you would not even want to encounter in your dreams. MirrorWorld holds this secret – and pictures of the tailor’s hands. Those blade-fingers, which almost took Jacob’s life, if it hadn’t been for Fox. Fox, Jacob’s faithful companion. It’s been a long time since they’ve met and all Cornelia has given away so far is that Jacob saved Fox from a trap.

But how could that happen to her, Fox, the cautious and alert shapeshifter? The cold iron had just sunk its teeth into her hind leg when a horseman approached....
“The Beginning“ continues telling the story of this first encounter. 

Cornelia knew from the very first words she wrote that the MirrorWorld would grow beyond the books’ pages, that it could not be tamed between the covers. She felt that those stories would not fit into books alone, that they do not want to be told solely on printed paper. They ask for a new way of storytelling to unfold their magic. Cornelia imagined a breathing book, one that moves, changes, and develops. Together with Mirada she created such kind of “book“.

During the production of the MirrorWorld story "The Spell of a Fairy" (© Mirada)Mirada Studios is a company of creative people based in LA, who are engaged in developing new forms of storytelling. They combined illustration, film, animation design and special effects with Cornelia’s stories to “build“ MirrorWorld.

“The Mirada magicians have brought my stories to life“, Cornelia enthuses. “For the first time you will experience the stories exactly like I imagined them. What’s so beautiful about it is that both modern technology as well as traditional crafts are used to tell those stories.“

Sometimes Mirada’s ideas were so close to what Cornelia had envisioned that it was almost spooky, as if someone had made up a photo album with all the pictures in her mind. “How did you know that? How could you guess what the tailor looks like in my head, how did you know about the Ogre faces and the fairies’ feelings?“ According to Cornelia, Mirada answered: “We have direct access to your memories, Cornelia.
We can tap into your subconscious mind.“

What did they find? Just put your hand on the mirror and slip into MirrorWorld.




Hannah M on 26 May, 2021

I totally agree with what has been said in the other comments.

Rachel S on 4 June, 2020

Would love for this to be available for Android or on the web.

Kristy on 24 October, 2019

Would love for the app to also be for android

Marthe on 19 February, 2019

Es ist sehr schade, dass die App nicht mehr im Handel verfügbar zu sein scheint... Wenn es eine Möglichkeit gibt, diese anderweitig zu bekommen, dann würde ich mich über eine Rückmeldung freuen!