... that is how we call our little, chubby colleague and you can call him that, too.

He is here for your questions and comments.

Sasha on 28 May, 2017

Greetings from London, England, Insa and Guesty. Would you please tell Cornelia that I have read her book Inkheart and I am so excited to get to read Inkspell and "Death"! Thank you.

Of course, we will tell her, Sasha Welcome to the guestbook and warmest wishes from Germany

Ella on 27 May, 2017

Thank you so much! Do you know anyway that I can get in touch with Cornelia? I would like to be able to talk to her over a Skype session or a FaceTime! That would be so awesome! Again thank you!

Hi Ella, you can contact Cornelia's assistant Angie. She is the master of her schedule and you can ask her for a skype interview. This is her email address: twigleg@mac.com

Lea on 27 May, 2017

What is the exact number of books you have written?


Ella on 27 May, 2017

Hi Cornelia!!! I have to tell you that I am your biggest fan that ever lived! I have read Inkheart, Inkspell, and Inkdeath! Such great books! I have heard that you are making another book. Is that true?! I hope it is. You are amazing!!!!

Yes, it is, Ella. Working title is "Colour of Revenge". We will keep you posted.

Eliza :) on 27 May, 2017

Yessss, there's going to be a new book. What is going to be about?

Well, the first one is the sequel to Inkworld and the second is the fourth book of the Mirrorworld series. We will let you know as soon as there is news...

Big Inkheart Fan on 26 May, 2017

Hi Insa! I have two questions: One, do I say 'Hi Insa' or 'Hi Guesty'? Or both? And second (although it is not a question, it is a statement I figured out what you meant by 'treasure seed box' and it was so cool! The gems are very pretty I'm the biggest Inkheart fan ever!!! I know many people may say it, but I'm not joking. I'm always talking about it to my family and friends, so anyone who knows me has practically memorized your trilogy!!! From, Your biggest fan

Hi BIF The choice is yours. You can start with "Hi Insa", "Hi Guesty", or "Hi Insa and Guesty"... just as you like

Kristy on 25 May, 2017

Aw! What Ellie posted was so sweet! Cornelia, I have to agree. What is your favorite book that you have written?

Hi Kristy, it's always the one Cornelia is just working on, because there she can use everything she has learned while writing the previous books.

Ellie on 23 May, 2017

Cornelia, I think your books are amazing. They changed my life forever. I just want to say one thing. F+M= TLF and D+M=BLA. Thank-you so much for writing the best books ever.

Kalie on 23 May, 2017

I agree with Pia, Doria and Maggie belong together! I don't know what all the fuss is about. D+M=TLF true love for ever. F+M=BLA bad life always. I am not trying to hurt anyone's feelings or such but Doria and Maggie definitely belong with each other! oh and Cornelia when do you think your next book will be done, I am so exited to read it!

Hi Kalie, Cornelia cannot tell yet, but we will keep you posted here

Savannah on 22 May, 2017

What is Cornelia's favorite book? Inkheart , Inkspell, and Inkdeath?

Her favourite is Inkdeath, Savannah, as everything comes together.

Eliza :) on 21 May, 2017

Is there a new Ink heart book coming out, after Ink death?

Yes, Eliza, Cornelia is already working on Book 4. It is called "The Colour of Revenge". We will keep you posted...

Nothing on 20 May, 2017

Hi am doing an assignment for English, here we have to pick an author and do a fake interview with them. I chose Cornelia and I would like to know why or what inspired her to write the Inkheart trilogy. Thanks

Hi "Nothing", have a look at our Inkheart book page here on Cornelia's website, where Cornelia tells about how she came up with the idea for the story.

Cayla B. on 18 May, 2017

I am doing a report for a German class on Cornelia. Do you have any interesting or cool facts about her?

...Read more

Savannah on 17 May, 2017

is Farid in the next book? he is my favorite character also Dust finger is! Meggie and Farid are great together!

Cornelia has not given away anything yet, Savannah.

Mayre on 17 May, 2017

I am really happy today my copy of Spiegelwelt arrived. I am looking forward to diving in to it and the challenge that comes with reading German.

Inkheart is not the same!!!!!!! on 16 May, 2017

Inkheart is not the same without Farid andMeggie. Ellie is right!

Aaron on 16 May, 2017

I like your books.

Meggie on 16 May, 2017

Will Farid and Meggie get back together in Colours of Revenge? Please! Savannah is right when she says everyone wants Farid and Meggie together. If I were Meggie- actually I am- but Meggie Folchart I would choose Farid over Doria!!!! Please!

Hi Meggie, see my comment to Ellie's entry on that... All the very best from Germany, Insa (and Guesty)

Rachel and Savannah on 16 May, 2017

We agree with Ellie.

Tammy on 16 May, 2017

I agree with that Ellie person. Farid and Meggie are awesome together!

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