... that is how we call our little, chubby colleague and you can call him that, too.

He is here for your questions and comments.

Arianna on 13 September, 2017

Hi, I'm Arianna from Italy and yesterday I finished the Mirrorworld book 3 and I was very sad for the end of the story - that seemed to me a too open ending - so I looked on the Internet and discovered Cornelia is writing a book 4!! And, also, I discovered this wonderful website. I also love others Cornelia's books: Dragonrider, The Thief World, Ghost Knight and I am one of the earlier fans of the Inkheart trilogy. I really love the world Cornelia created (both Inkworld and Mirrorworld) and I really admire her writing style (even if I read everything in Italian) and I hope one day I can write in the same way which force the reader to keep reading! Moreover, I noticed that there is an app of Mirrorworld, available only for Apple users: will you create one also for Android? I'll really appreciate it. A very big thanks to Cornelia (and to everyone rule this website her books make readers dream bigger! Sorry for my bad english, ciao, Arianna

Ciao Arianna, welcome to Cornelia's guestbook and thank you so much for your entry . Unfortunately there are no current plans to develop a Mirrorworld version for Android Warmest wishes from Germany, hoping to see you as a regular visitor Insa and Guesty

Victoria on 12 September, 2017

Hello, Cornelia! My name is Victoria, I'm from Russia. I would like to ask if there will be a film on the Ink Trilogy? The film "Inkheart" could not convey those emotions, the atmosphere that the book gave us. Villains were not villains, but harmless little men. Will there be a remake of the first film or the second part? I madly fell in love with the Ink Trilogy and I want to see a worthy film for a decent book. Thank you! PS: I'm sorry, for the possible mistakes in my letter (the error of the interpreter)

Dear Victoria, there won't be any more film adaptations of the Inkworld books. But: Cornelia is already working on a fourth part of the Inkheart series! Working title is "The Colour of Revenge". Warmest wishes from Germany, Insa and Guesty

Jahnavi on 10 September, 2017

Can I get Cornelia's email address? I've written some things, which I would like to share with ONLY her. Thank's Insa and Guesty.

Dear Jahnavi, you can send your email to mail@corneliafunke.com

Giacomina on 9 September, 2017

Ciao! I would just love to say that I have finally visited the City on Water (Venezia) and am so glad to mention that it is how Cornelia described it in The Thief Lord!! Absolutely stunning and totally worth the real experience if ever given a chance to go. Thanks so much for everything!! Love your work

Oh, Giacomina, thank you so much for that lovely message. If you'd like to share some pictures of your trip, just send them to mail@corneliafunke.com Warmest wishes from Germany, Insa and Guesty

savannah on 1 September, 2017

can farid and meggie please get back together. please answer

Dear Savannah, that question has been asked repeatedly for years, and the answer is still the same: Cornelia feels very strongly that Farid will want the same life Dustfinger led for a while - going off by himself and probably falling in love with a lot of girls, while Meggie yearns for a place to stay and for someone, who loves her more than anyone else - which Cornelia thinks Doria will do

Allie on 27 August, 2017

Hi Insa and Guesty! I'm super excited about the Color of Revenge and was just wondering if there was an estimated release date.

You have to be brave now, Allie: not before 2019.

Caitlin on 24 August, 2017

ERR!!!!!!!!!!!!! I cannot wait till 2019. Two years? Yikes!!!! I heart your books. I agree with you Rachel Platten

Rachel Platten on 24 August, 2017

Hey! So, Ms. Funke, when do you suspect that your new Inkheart book will be out? I really am excited to read it. You inspire me, Cornelia. I am thankful to have read your books and experience your amazing writing skills. Thanks so much. Oh, and who out there is with me that Farid and Meggie should be together?

Hi Rachel, the fourth book will not come out before 2019. We will keep you posted...

Katherine Liu on 23 August, 2017

Hello Insa and Guesty. I've been missing out on every chat because of the time. Will there be a chat in the morning (AM) of Berlin time?

Hi Katherine, the next chat will be on Saturday (but in the evening of Berlin time), but I can announce another one soon, which will be more convenient for you

sophia on 23 August, 2017

hi, i absolutely love the mirrorworld books and was wondering if Cornelia was writing another book, for i have heard many things

Yes, Sophia, Cornelia is already working on book 4 of the series. It is called "The Islands of the Fox", but the book will not come out before 2019.

Alberto on 21 August, 2017

Greetings, Cornelia Funke: My name is Alberto, I'm sixteen and I'm from Brazil. My first contact with your work, Ink World, was two years ago in the library of my school, and I have been following and recommending with enthusiasm, since that cold, rainy April day, to everyone who that says looking for good literary experiences. Your stories had a gigantic and truly magical influence in my life: they captivated me, inspired me and kept me company, and I try to express a simple reverence and immense gratitude here. I'm in love with your characters: there is not one of them who, cruelestly, did not conquer me (by the way, I still think it's a crime that you killed Dancer of the Clouds). Words in your hands come to life and offer life to those who read them. Dream in a day to be able to discover your tricks personally! Like you, I really enjoy to draw and would like to know how I can send you some of my drawings. And I would also like to ask: Do you enjoy reading or writing with music? If so, what kind of music? Again, thank you so much for everything that made me live and feel with your books. It's a pleasure finally write to you. Giant embraces and hummingbird kisses, Alberto.

Hi Alberto, thank you so much for your beautiful entry and welcome to Cornelia's guestbook. Cornelia loves listening to classical music while writing or illustrating her stories. Writing Inkheart...Read more

Carol M. on 20 August, 2017

I start to read your books with Inkheart to my son. Now he is older and he loves to read. We love your books plz keep up the rear works.

Thanks for your entry, Carol, and welcome to Cornelia's website Insa and Guesty

Talisu on 11 August, 2017

Hello, I am curious to know Cornelia's opinions being LGBT and whether there is a potential to have characters who are represented in future works of hers?

Hi Talisu, in one of Cornelia's books of her C.H.I.X. book series, two girls fall in love with each other. It is the fifth book of the series, and it has not been translated into English yet.

Anna Whinchseter on 10 August, 2017

Hi Mrs. Funke, I have read all of the Inkheart, Inkspell, and Inkdeath. I was wondering if there is ever going to be any more in that series? I enjoyed reading about the Inkworld, and I was wondering what do you sugest to read next from your work? Thanks

Hi Anna, Cornelia is currently working on book 4. It is called The Colour of Revenge. We will keep you posted here on her website As to her other books, just browse our bookshelf, where you will find a complete list of her books plus excerpts and audio samples. Best from Germany, Insa and Guesty

Sahba on 7 August, 2017

hi insa and guesty. thank you so much for your message and advice for me and my friend aynaz. warmest wishes for you. sahba

Marissa on 6 August, 2017

Thanks so much, Guesty. I'll check it out. Oh, and I am so with you Bell and Savannah.

savannah on 4 August, 2017

why does meggie have to like doria not farid. she should be in love with farid.

bell on 4 August, 2017

i feel like meggie still likes farid

Marissa on 4 August, 2017

Hey, Marissa here. I would like to know how me, Ellie, and Bridget could talk to you? Like through face time or something?

Hi Marissa, Cornelia offers skype sessions with school classes. Send an email to her assistant Angie: twigleg@mac.com

ainaz on 4 August, 2017

Hello again ! thank you so much for answering my question . And about the advice ، I mean how I can be a good writer ? ( just like you ) with love Ainaz ، one of your biggest fan ever.

Hi Ainaz, Cornelia thinks you have to have patience and collect ideas about something you're really passionate about. Characters you want to talk about and that readers would want to read about. Then collect ideas for places in the book — look at ...Read more

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